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Wayne Richmon: Manager, CFO and part-time Extrovert

Before opening Roast Rider, Wayne spent six years exploring wine and specialty coffee on the Oregon coast, and in Boston, New York and California. In 2012, he felt it was time to break out of his role counseling entrepreneurs on their finances, and got down to writing a business plan of his own.

Roast Rider is what happens when a successful CFO suffers an acute bout of reinvention psychosis.

At RR, Wayne had every intention of being the hand-drip guy. But after two days at the 2013 Specialty Coffee Association of America event, he was converted to ‘Trifecta dude.’ He liked that the Trifecta outperforms a French press in its ability to offer a full expression of the beans.


Before online hook ups and cell phones, Wayne fell for a "friend of a friend" he met on a long-distance phone date. After a month of marathon long-distance conversations, he asked her to fly to Virginia Beach from Florida, so he could see the girl he planned to marry.

Lisa Richmon: Chief Charisma Officer and part-time Barista Wrangler

Averages zero cups of coffee a year, but has an eye for baristas. She can spot who has it, who wants it, and who is gonna bring it.


Moved from Boca Raton, Florida to Virginia Beach to live with a young CPA she met on a blind phone date. He didn’t offer to pay for her ticket, but did pay her back with interest when she agreed to move into his Virginia Beach townhouse a month later. (Lisa’s father was a CPA so she knew what she was getting into.)